Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (2023)

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Measuring website traffic is highly essential for your business survival in the online market. If you measure and monitor your website traffic, you will come across many details and know where your site stands. For example, you can learn:

  • Quantity of the traffic received
  • Quality of the traffic received
  • The fluctuations in the traffic
  • Source of the traffic
  • Changes needed to improve the traffic quality
  • Manage advertising cost

Besides, if you check into your competitors’ website traffic, you will get the following benefits:

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  • Identify the top keywords your competitors are ranking for.
  • Know their sources of traffic.
  • Get a more precise view of direct, organic, referral, and social traffic.
  • Know the engagement detailing, like page view, bounce rate, and time spent.

When you pay attention to these details, it becomes easier to determine what marketing strategy is working and whatnot. Also, it places you in the best possible position to improve your overall web performance continually.

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Hence, it is always suggested that you check yours and your competitors’ website traffic regularly.

Nowadays, there are several tools that can make your everyday work super easy.

Here is the list of the best tools to check website traffic:


  • 1- Google Analytics
  • 2- SEMRush
  • 3- SiteChecker Pro
  • 4-
  • 5- Similar Web
  • 6- SE Ranking
  • 7- Ahrefs
  • 8- Kissmetrics
  • 9- ClickTale
  • 10-
  • 11- StatCounter

1- Google Analytics

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (1)

Google Analyticsis the most popular analytics in the world. As a free tool by Google, it helps you measure your website traffic and gather vital information about your website visitors.

It gets you massive traffic data, including various dimensions and metrics. For example, you can track website activity like session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. along with the traffic source.

You can also identify poorly performing pages with techniques like funnel visualization. The method includes finding the source of visitors, duration of the visitor’s retention on the site, and their geographical location.

Further, it can be integrated with Google Ads. With this, the users can track landing page quality, conversions create and then review online campaigns.

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2- SEMRush

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (2)

SEMRushis one of the advanced tools to check traffic metrics of any website and analyze its performance. As a paid tool it offers extended features by helping you study any site’s traffic more closely.

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You can get the numbers of visits, unique visitors, and user engagement metrics in dynamics. With the report, you can also compare desktop and mobile traffic.

Also, it enables you to estimate direct, referral, search, social, and paid traffic of any website.

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Moreover, you can get a complete list of websites the same users visit. Make a comparison of their unique and shared audiences.

SEMRush also finds top referring sites, reveals subsidiary, and satellite projects that a website links to.

3- SiteChecker Pro

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (3)

SiteChecker Prois a free tool that provides plenty of useful insights to understand the strategy of any website.

It gives you a traffic overview with a graph displaying the total traffic volume over the past 6 months.

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It also shows other helpful traffic reports that include engagement, traffic by countries, traffic by sources, and top keywords.

However, SiteChecker doesn’t show results for sites that lack enough traffic. Usually, it needs to be more than ten thousand unique visitors per month to display the result.


Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (4)

Alexaby Company is a full suite of SEO and competitor analysis tools. Competitive Website Analysis is one of its many solutions to measure the traffic and performance of the website.

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It is a free tool which gets you all necessary insights about any website. Simply enter the URL into the search box, and it will display Keyword Opportunities, Competitive Analysis, Audience Report, Social Engagement Analysis, Top Keyword, and Traffic Metrics.

In the Traffic Metrics, you can see 90 days global internet traffic and engagement and the global ranking of the site. It also shows geographic locations of traffic sources and other information.

5- Similar Web

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (5)

Similar Webis an appropriate website traffic intelligent solution for those who are solely looking for detailed traffic insights. Unlike other tools in the list, it focuses only on website traffic analysis.

In its Website Overview section, a similar Web shows global ranking, country ranking, and category ranking. Whereas the Website Audience section displays total vistos and traffic share.

Similarly, other metrics give in-depth information about your site, like channel overview and analysis, audience’s metrics, and traffic share. The whole idea of Similar Web is to raise the performance bar of your website through deep analysis and by offering suggestions.

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It offers both the free version and an Enterprise version that is paid. The free version comes with some limitations, still worth trying.

6- SE Ranking

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (6)

SE Rankingis another free competitor traffic research tool that promises to get you a 360-degree view of its organic and paid promotion strategies.

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The tool provides information about organic traffic, keywords, and total traffic cost. Also, it shows a number of paid traffic, related keywords, and the total relevant traffic cost. The data is also displayed in graph format.

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Apart from traffic details, it also provides information on domain trust or page trust, keywords, backlinks, competitors, popular pages, and ads.

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SE Ranking enables you to choose the country to see your performance of your site. Besides, you can also see your organic competitors, competitor comparison, top search pages, and more. In short, it offers more than expected as a free tool.

7- Ahrefs

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (7)

Ahrefsbrings its website traffic checker for tracking website traffic. You can check your organic and paid traffic metrics usingSite Explorer.

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The tool shows an interactive graph to check how your site has progressed globally in 171 countries.

By analyzing your competitor’s site, you can now find out the pages driving the most traffic for them. Through traffic data for subdomains or subfolders, you can determine the sections of their website that drive the most traffic.

Ahrefs allows you to dig more into your competitor’s site by spying on their paid traffic and creating your search ads inspired from their ad copy.

It is not a free tool. However, you get 7days trial at no cost.

8- Kissmetrics

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (8)

Kissmetricsby Neil Patel comes under one of the extremely advanced website analytic tools available in the market today. You can observe every activity on your site and get insights on each user performing actions on your site.

Unlike other tools, Kissmetrics provides more accurate data by considering the user as a single person accessing your site from different devices. Therefore, the traffic details you get is more useful.

Additionally, the result shows the drop-offs throughout the entire customer journey. So, it is easy to understand where you are likely to lose your customers.

Kissmetrics is a paid tool, and there are separate tools for SaaS and e-commerce customers.

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9- ClickTale

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (9)

ClickTaleis a cloud-based analytics service that provides you with the details of your customer behaviour and improves customer experience.

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The tool combines the power of rich data, machine, and crucial human intelligence to create the most useful report for your site.

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Instead of singularly stressing on traffic reports, ClickTale helps you monitor customer behaviour and all kinds of interactions on your website.

It is a paid tool, but it doesn’t display its pricing. You need to fix a meeting to know how much ClickTale services cost.


Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (10)

Quantcastis another free web-based website analytics tool to measure audience insights. We can call it a tool that is beyond just a dedicated traffic analytic tool.

Traffic report is one of its many features like psychographics, demographics, and engagement. With the traffic report, showing unduplicated traffic metrics across your web properties, you can understand your total reach.

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You can also view your audience by web and mobile web platform, country, time-period, and more.

Quantcast is the only free tool that uses direct measurement to deliver real-time insights from across the web.

11- StatCounter

Website Traffic Checkers: Best Tools To Check Website Traffic (11)

StatCounteris probably one of the oldest known web-based analytic tools. Even after introducing Google Analytics and other similar tools, StatCounter is still popular for its useful features.

With the tool, you can compare pageviews, sessions, visitors and new visitors for any date range and track how your key metrics are performing over time.

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You can also spot negative trends to act fast to fix things and find positive trends to check the results of your efforts.

Most importantly, it notifies you when there is any individual visitor who returns to your website. There is a choice of alert mode, i.e., by email or your mobile device through the StatCounter mobile app.


Website traffic is a significant metric to measure the performance of your website. Measuring the traffic quality your site receives, along with looking into other essential performance indicators, will help you avoid failure in the end.

Monitoring the website traffic regularly using the tools mentioned above will not only increase your profits but will help you keep consistent with your website performance.

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