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  • What does an NVQ assessor do?

    The role of the assessor has changed since NVQs were first started. An assessor can be involved with many different aspects of vocational training. Of course, there are still the stand-alone qualifications to be assessed but many assessor are now involved in delivering apprenticeships and even inEnd-Point Assessment.

    For those delivering stand-alone qualifications and the on-program part of the apprenticeship, the role remains pretty much unchanged. It is about supporting your learners to achieve their qualifications and assessing that what they are able to do is at the correct standard for the level of qualification they are completing. This might include such tasks as

    • Plan and deliver training programmes and workshops;
    • Observe candidates’ competency in their workplace;
    • Examine candidates’ portfolios of evidence;
    • Provide feedback and offer advice if the standards are not met;
    • Keep records of candidates’ progress;
    • Attend standardisation meetings with other assessors;
    • Work closely with training staff and candidates’ line managers.

    The role of the End-Point Assessor is slightly different as this just involves assessing that a learner has met the requirements of the apprenticeship with a specified number of assessments but without delivering any of the training.

  • Who is the CAVA assessor course for?

    The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement is the qualification you need to become a fully qualified Assessor in any sector. It is also the most requested qualification for those wishing to be End-Point Assessors.

    The CAVA assessor course qualifies you to assess learners’ competency in their workplace and their vocational knowledge in learning environments. Once you have completed your CAVA assessor course, you will be a fully qualified assessor in your area of expertise.

  • What is involved in the CAVA assessor course?

    The CAVA assessor course is made up of 3 units. Unit 1 gives you all the knowledge about assessing and the theory behind the role, as well as the responsibilities of an NVQ assessor. This element of the course is completed online. Unit 2 is about assessing learners in their work environment, and similarly, Unit 3 is about assessing them in their learning environment. To complete both of these units, you will need to complete some written work via our online system, and attend one face-to-face study day at your local centre. We have centres in Fulham (London), Manchester, Coventry, and Boston (Lincolnshire).

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  • What support will I receive throughout the NVQ assessor course?

    Throughout your NVQ assessor course you will receive unlimited tutor support, as little or as often as you need. Our assessors and tutors are available for help and advice between 9 am and 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

  • How long will it take to complete the NVQ assessor course?

    To fully complete the NVQ assessor course, it would take you around 4-6 months, based on doing a couple of hours of studying a week. However, you can also complete it quicker if you have the availability to put more hours in. As we provide no deadlines, you can complete the NVQ assessor course at your own pace.

  • Do I need access to learners to assess?

    With the CAVA assessor course, yes you need learners to assess. We can guarantee access to learners for you, at no extra cost.

    You can use your own learners if you have access to them. Both learners will need to be completing a qualification you can prove occupational competency in, and you will need a fully qualified IQA from your industry too. You may find it a lot easier and less hassle for yourself to use our learners.

    Find out more about access to learners.

  • Do I need to be in an assessor role?

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    You don’t need to be in an assessor role to complete the NVQ assessor course. You don’t even have to have an assessor role lined up. There are no entry requirements for the NVQ assessor course. However, we strongly recommend you have occupational competence in the area you wish to assess in, as employers will look for this.

  • Do I need to be in a Further Education role?

    No, you don’t need to be in a further education role.

  • How is the NVQ assessor course assessed?

    The NVQ assessor course is assessed by our team of dedicated assessors. Assignments are uploaded to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) ‘Moodle’, where the assessor will then mark and give feedback on your submission. So even if you feel like you didn’t do well, there’s no way you can’t pass as the assessors give you specific feedback to guarantee a pass.

  • Which awarding body should I be certificated with?

    We are accredited by 2 awarding bodies. Pearson Edexcel and SFJ Awards. The only real difference with the awarding bodies is the price upon registration. You can be certified with any of these awarding bodies and will still receive the same accredited qualification at the end.

  • What is the A1 assessor course?

    The A1 assessor course was the official title of the assessor qualification up until 2010. The A1 assessor qualification or to give it its correct title the Level 3 award in ‘Assess candidates using a range of methods’ was first offered in late 2002. It replaced the old D32 and D33 units and was a single unit qualification.

    The A1 Award was divided into four separate parts.

    1. Development of plans for assessing a delegate’s competence
    2. Judging evidence against criteria to make decisions whilst assessing
    3. Providing feedback and supporting candidates during assessment
    4. Contributing to in-house quality assurance processes

    It ceased to be offered in 2010. It also had a sister qualification; the A2 or Level 3 Award in ‘Assess candidates’ performance through observation’. This assessor qualification was also phased out at the same time.

    It was then changed to the CAVA qualification, the Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement.

    Find out more on our blog, ‘What is an A1 assessor course?‘.

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  • What is the D32/33 assessor course?

    The D32/33 assessor course was the first, original title of the assessor qualification from back in the nineties. The title of the D32 was Assessing candidate performance.

    The D32 provided Assessors with the knowledge about the assessment skills learners needed to demonstrate in order to pass their qualifications. The unit also covered assessment planning, how to judge performance and knowledge, making assessment decisions and providing feedback.

    The D33 was the sister qualification of the D32.

    The D33 (Assessing candidates using different sources of evidence) covered all of the basics from the previous unit, as well as the Assessors having to demonstrate all of the assessment methods. This included assessment of performance, questioning, projects and assessment of prior achievement & learning.

    It was then changed to the A1 assessor course, and is as we know it today, the CAVA assessor course.

  • Do you offer government funding on the assessor course?

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    Unfortunately, we do not offer any government funding methods for the assessor course, including the adult learner loan. We do, however, have instalment plans available where you can spread the cost of the course across a maximum of 12 equal monthly payments.

  • Are there any entry requirements?

    There are no entry requirements for this course, but we do recommend you hold occupational competence in the area you wish to assess in. We advise a minimum of 3 years work experience and/or accredited qualifications in your sector.

  • Does the NVQ assessor course apply to my sector?

    The CAVA assessor course is an industry-standard qualification. It applies to all occupational sectors. Whether you’re looking to become an Electrical Engineering Assessor; Early Years Assessor; Business Admin Assessor, or any other vocational assessor, the assessor qualification you need is the same – The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement, CAVA.

  • What is TAQA?

    TAQA is the name for a suite of qualifications and is not a qualification in its own right.

    Find out more on our blog What is TAQA?


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