Can I Use Adobe XD Free Now? (2023)

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Adobe XD free is a new generation toolset for UX/UI design. High efficiency and convenience allow you to create design projects and user interface prototypes for mobile and web apps for free now.

Can I Use Adobe XD Free Now? (2)

Benefits of Adobe XD Free

  • Clean-looking interface
  • Easy content creation for UI
  • Text is resized just like in Photoshop and Illustrator
  • No additional plugins needed for prototyping
  • Repeat Grid tool


  • What does Adobe XD download free version include?

You can get Adobe XD free download with your Starter plan. Besides that, with the plan, you will be getting 2GB in Creative Cloud and a Basic Library of Adobe Fonts, up to one active shared design spec and one active shared prototype.

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You can get the Starter plan in case you already have an Adobe ID, Enterprise ID or Federated ID. You can also get access to Experience Design CC with the help of CC Packager. Just contact your IT Administrator if you have CC for teams or CC for enterprise member without CC desktop application access.

  • Are there discounts for students/teachers after the free trial ends?

Yes, the discount is pretty impressive, and not only on XD, but the whole CC app family. It’s 60%!

  • Which operating system does XD run on?

This you can check on their System Requirements page.

  • How do I get and install it?

You will need you Adobe ID and password. Read this article on how you can install older versions or find updates for your Adobe applications.

  • I have problems installing XD, what should I do?

Here’s a comprehensive troubleshooting guide from Adobe that will answer all your questions related to download, installation or update problems.

  • In which version of XD can I use plugin installation and development?

XD version 13.0 and above will support these features.

  • Can I get plugins for free?

Yes, you don’t have to pay for plugins at the moment.

  • How do I create a plugin?

In the XD menu, go to Plugins > Development > Create a Plugin to open the Adobe I/O developer console.

For more details on how you can create, test and get you plugins into the in-app listing, read this detailed Adobe XD developer documentation.

  • I’m having issues installing my plugins.

You have a Get Support feature within your plugins that allows you to contact its developer and find solutions to any problems you are having.

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  • Don’t miss your chance and use one of these Adobe discounts.

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Free Adobe XD Alternatives

If you want try more free apps for designing, check out these efficient programs that you can use absolutely for free.

1. Mockplus

Can I Use Adobe XD Free Now? (3)


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  • Extensive library with ready-to-use components
  • Intuitive
  • Fast prototyping without any code
  • 3000+ of new SVG icons
  • Fast creation of interactive wireframes/prototypes


  • Exporting of designs only available to users with a paid subscription
  • Not supported on Linux

Mockplus developers have decided to simplify difficult tasks and have produced software that will quickly create any prototype you want. It is available for both Windows and Mac and is designed to be used for creation and analysis of mobile, desktop and web-app prototypes.

The developers have tried to minimize the time it takes to create a prototype, thus there are no additional tools in the app, just the most essential ones.

2. Sketch

Can I Use Adobe XD Free Now? (4)


  • Community of active users and resources
  • Ability to work on multiple views at the same time with “Artboards”
  • Vector-based and pixel-aware
  • Developed for UI design and workflows for web and mobile apps
  • Easy-to-export assets
  • Integrated grid system


(Video) How Figma beats Adobe Xd

  • Not supported on Linux
  • You need to purchase a license

Sketch was developed by Bohemian Coding, a Dutch company, as a vector editor. It is used mainly for UI and UX design of web and mobile apps.

This app has its own .sketch format for saving files, although you can also use the more common ones, like PNG, JPG, TIFF, WebP, etc. App engineers and web developers can use these designs to create apps and websites.

3. Figma

Can I Use Adobe XD Free Now? (5)


  • A web app
  • Possibility for collaboration in real-time
  • Core feature comparable with Adobe XD
  • Can be integrated with Slack
  • Mobile live previews


  • Workflow is not efficient

Figma is an online service for interface developing and prototyping with a possibility of collaboration in real-time. It can also be integrated with a corporate messenger Slack and a high-level prototyping tool Framer. Figma developers claim their software to be the main competition for Adobe prototyping products.

This service has a subscription plan. You can make only one project for free. The key peculiarity of Figma is that it’s a cloud service without an offline app. Being cross-platform is another benefit of this app. That’s something Sketch and Adobe XD, Figma’s closest competitors, do not have.

Download Adobe XD Free

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(Video) What is Adobe XD For & Does it Generate Code?

Download Adobe XD free if you are looking for seamless and smooth prototyping and design. You can also collaborate with other designers who also use Adobe XD Windows or Mac versions. F

inally, you will benefit from this application if you already use Adobe products, like Illustrator or Lightroom. Download Adobe XD for Windows or Mac and enjoy the efficiency and simplicity of this software.

  • Read more about available free Adobe softwares and apps.


Is Adobe XD no longer free 2022? ›

As of April 2022, Starter plan users will have two opportunities to try out the full capabilities of XD at no cost for 7 days. Upon canceling the trial, you will return to the Starter plan.

Can you still get Adobe XD for free? ›

Is Adobe XD free? The Adobe XD trial is entirely free. Get 7 days of complete access to all the tools and premium features that power XD. There's no commitment and you'll only be charged until after your trial ends.

Is Adobe XD free for commercial use? ›

The free Starter plan allows anyone to download and use XD for personal use, including all design and prototyping features. Paid plans are for professional use where unlimited sharing and collaboration are required, so full access to these premium features is included.

Will Adobe stop supporting XD? ›

Since April 2022 there are no more updates available for Adobe XD.

How much is Adobe XD for personal use? ›

Adobe XD costs $ 9.99 / month if you don't have a Creative Cloud membership which might be expensive.

How much does Adobe XD cost? ›

₹6,386.16/mo (incl. GST)


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